Multiple Teams · WMY vs John Adams

Our J.V. and Varsity Boys played at John Adams and our Lady Warriors played at home.  Our J.V. Boys were victorious after winning in overtime by a score of 65 to 61.  Our Varsity Boys lost after a real battle 58 to 63.  Our Varsity Girls got a “spanking”.  I heard that when a fan walked by my door while he was talking on his cellphone.  I did not even ask for the score.  Go to for details.  Here are some photos from the girls game at Whitney Young.  Congratulations Lady Rebels!  Hang in there Lady Warriors!

IMG_2452  IMG_2453  IMG_2455 2  IMG_2456  IMG_2456  IMG_2459  IMG_2461  IMG_2463

IMG_2464 2  IMG_2470  IMG_2472  IMG_2477